Required Labs

Suggested Labs

Abuse-a-Cyst Lab (Ecology & Inquiry/Scientific Method)

Acid Rain Lab (Inquiry/Scientific Method & Plants)

Battle-jar Galactica Lab (Ecology & Microbiology)

Biological Shapes Lab (Ecology & Microbiology)

Biomagnification Lab (Animals & Ecology)

Blood Vessel Physiology Lab (Human Health & Physiology)

Bottle Ecosystem Lab (Animals, Ecology, Inquiry/Scientific Method & Plants)

Bouquet of Flowers Lab (Ecology, Inquiry/Scientific Method, Insects & Plants)

Building Blocks of Life Lab (Evolution & Genetics)

Comparative Skulls Lab (Animals, Ecology & Evolution)

Comparing Aquatic Communities Lab (Animals, Ecology, Evolution, Inquiry/Scientific Method, Insects, Microbiology & Plants)

DNA Molecule Activity Lab (Genetics)

DNA Profiling Lab (Forensics, Genetics & Inquiry/Scientific Method)

Elodea Lab (Inquiry/Scientific Method & Plant)

Evolving Trees Lab (Evolution, Genetics & Inquiry/Scientific Method)

Fetal Development Lab (Human Health & Physiology)

Floating Leaf Disk Lab (Plants)

Goldenrod Galls Lab (Ecology, Evolution, Inquiry/Scientific Method, Insects & Plants)

HIV Transmission Lab (Human Health & Microbiology)

How Many CATs Lab (Genetics & Microbiology)

Mark-Recapture Lab (Ecology & Inquiry/Scientific Method)

Medical Importance of Biodiversity Lab (Animals, Ecology, Human Health & Plants)

Microscopy and Cell Biology Lab (Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Plants)

Mystery of the (Hominid) Skulls Lab (Evolution & Inquiry/Scientific Method)

Oh Deer - Project WILD Lab (Animals & Ecology)

Photo Lab (Human Health & Physiology)

Plant Game Lab (Ecology, Physiology & Plants)

Predator-Prey Population Oscillation Lab (Animals & Ecology)

Primary Productivity Lab (Animals, Ecology, Inquiry/Scientific Method & Plants)

Protein Gel Electrophoresis Lab (Animals, Evolution, Genetics, Inquiry/Scientific Method & Molecular Biology)

Protein Synthesis and Words Lab (Molecular Biology)

Pseudomonas Lab (Inquiry/Scientific Method, Microbiology & Plants)

Radish Seed Lab (Inquiry/Scientific Method & Plants)

Rotifers Lab (Animals, Inquiry/Scientific Method & Microbiology)

Soft Rot Lab (Inquiry/Scientific Method, Microbiology & Plants)

Stomata Safari Lab (Inquiry/Scientific Method, Microbiology & Plants)

Vegevaders Lab (Ecology, Microbiology & Plants)

World of Crickets Lab (Ecology, Inquiry/Scientific Method & Insects)